9 Helpful Youtube Tips To Spice Up Your WordPress Website With Videos

We all are familiar with that videos are extremely engaging. If you are seeking to add videos to your website or already have videos on your website, then you will love this article. In this article, we will share nine helpful and useful YouTube tips to spice up your WordPress site with Videos.

Way To Add YouTube Videos in WordPress

Before we list a few of our higher tips, it’s most excellent to cover how to add you tube videos in WordPress. Fundamentally all you have to do is copy & paste your YouTube video LINK in the post editor & WordPress will automatically embed the video in your page or post.

9 Useful Youtube Tips

Reveal Latest Videos From YouTube Channel in WordPress

When making a video website with WordPress & YouTube, you might desire to display latest videos from your YouTube channel or playlist. This is not extremely tough & you can easily achieve this. Follow our guide that will reveal you how to display your newest videos in widgets, sidebars, homepage, & even in your pages and posts. You can as well make beautiful video gallery video layouts with thumbnail previews & a YouTube player embedded on top of it.

9 Useful Youtube Tips

Adding a Thumbnail or Featured Image for YouTube Videos

If you are making a website where your key content is in video format, then you can automatically grab post thumbnails straightforwardly from the embedded YouTube videos. All you have to do is follow our guide on how to add a featured picture for YouTube videos which simply differentiate your video articles because each thumbnail has a play button.

9 Useful Youtube Tips

Making Your YouTube Videos Approachable

By default when you add a YouTube video in your WordPress website, it is not completely responsive. The video will make bigger or skew depending on screen size & it will look disproportionate. To fix this trouble, you require making your YouTube videos responsive by utilizing the Fitvids j Query plugin.

9 Useful Youtube Tips9 Useful Youtube Tips4

Adding Share Buttons cover on YouTube Videos

To increase the social reach of your videos, you can put in share buttons as overlay on YouTube videos in your WordPress website. Well-liked and popular websites like Up worthy & many others are already doing this. We have written a guide that will reveal you how to permit consumers to straightforwardly share your video on their walls instead of sharing a link to your blog post.

9 Useful Youtube Tips5

Turn Off Linked YouTube Videos in WordPress

One of the point of view people provide against embedding YouTube videos is that it can show associated videos from your competitors or videos that may not be appropriate for your website. Did you recognize that you can turn that off? Follow our guide on how to turn off associated YouTube videos when embedding in WordPress.

9 Useful Youtube Tips

Record & Add YouTube Videos Directly From WordPress

Lots of video bloggers record their videos utilizing webcam & upload them to YouTube. If you desire to save time, then you can record & upload YouTube videos directly from your WordPress website utilizing the YouTube Widget.

9 Useful Youtube Tips

Allow Video Embeds in WordPress Text Widgets

By default most WordPress themes don’t support video embeds in text widgets. If you would like to add a video in your sidebar or an additional widget ready area, and then just follow our guide on how to enable video embeds in text widgets.

9 Useful Youtube Tips

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