9 Most Ordinary Misconceptions About WordPress

In this article we are telling you some of the most ordinary misconceptions about WordPress. We expect this will assist clear things up for a few new users who are unwilling in joining the splendid WordPress community.


WordPress is Only a Blogging Tool


This is by far one of the most ordinary misconceptions. Yes as WordPress began out as a blogging platform, it has evolved. These days, WordPress is web software & can be utilized to make any type of website including however not limited to blogs. One out of each six websites on the internet is made utilizing WordPress & a great number of these websites are not blogs. WordPress is utilized on ecommerce websites, company sites, online news & magazines, and in approximately all industries & categories. It is utilized by governments, non-profits & lots of Fortune 500 corporations.

WordPress is Not safe


WordPress is safe, and this is one of the causes for its reputation. WordPress is open source software which means its source code is obtainable online for anybody to learn and discover safety loopholes. It is very flexible, and its safety can be more strengthened by taking some additional steps. Malware or DDOS attacks are ordinary on the web & are not just limited to WordPress. This is why there are particular safety services like Sucuri which give checking service to defend against ordinary web threats. U

WordPress Doesn’t Support eCommerce


Unlike other hosted explanations, by default WordPress doesn’t come with a shopping cart or expense gateways. But, there is abundance of WordPress plugins, which permit you to make your own ecommerce website with WordPress. Whether you desire to sell physical products or digital downloads. You will be capable to discover easy to use plugins to attain your tasks.

9 Most Ordinary Misconceptions About WordPress

Future of WordPress is Unsure


Another ordinary misconception among a few people is that if WordPress is free of charge, then what is the assurance that it will not just rapidly disappear?  WordPress is not developed by a single one, however a group of people of passionate & expert developers. There are hundreds & thousands of small and big businesses selling products & services based on WordPress. Lots of these corporations actively contribute in the WordPress community. The WordPress group of people is not just one corporation, person, or a small group that would just unexpectedly vanish. It consists of hundreds & thousands of public from all around the world. While WordPress itself is free, this eco-system unaccompanied power millions of dollars in yearly revenue for businesses involved. In short, WordPress is not going anyplace & its future is bright.

There is extremely Limited Support Available for WordPress


One more common distress expressed by a few beginner level visitors is that since they are not paying anybody to use WordPress, there is no one to assist them out when they require support. It is accurate that WordPress is open source software; however there are plenty of support choices available. Free community hold up is available through wide WordPress Documentation, support forums, & IRC chatrooms. WPBeginner itself is a free of charge online resource website with tons of WordPress tutorials & guides. But, if you would feel more comfy by paying somebody, then there are lots of WordPress developers, agencies, & businesses that would present you paid support also.

WordPress is Free so It have to be Low Quality


WordPress is not developed by just one human being or a small squad. It is developed by a group of people & utilized by thousands of small and big businesses. Its code is open source for anybody to read, scrutinize, & check for quality. It follows & adheres to the extremely most excellent programming practices. The code behind WordPress is rock hard, developer welcoming, open, & free. It is as well a condition of art publishing system with an incredibly simple to use interface. This is why WordPress is so hugely popular & method ahead of any other CMS software in the planet.  WordPress is utilized by a few of the leading brands including however not limited to CNN, Microsoft, Adobe, The New York Times, & lots of more.

All WordPress Websites Look Similar


An ordinary misconception among unknown users is that all WordPress websites look similar. WordPress uses themes which manage the visual look of any WordPress powered website. There are lots of WordPress themes accessible. Lots of of them are free & some others are commercially available for a little price. There are best WordPress theme shops like StudioPress, stylish Themes, Themefuse & lots of others who sell astonishingly designed WordPress themes for all sort of websites. These themes all come with customization choices of their own, so you can alter colors, layout, add your own logo & do anything you desire with your theme. Last however not least, some developer can simply customize WordPress site to look like whatever they desire.


WordPress is for Beginners


Another ordinary misconception that we often hear from visitors who do not know much about WordPress is that it is more appropriate for beginner level users who don’t know some CSS, HTML, or programming. This is not completely factual. While WordPress is tremendously simple to use for beginners without any coding skills, it is also used by corporations, businesses, and developers / programmers. WordPress is equally well-liked between beginners & advanced level users. For beginners the fine part is that they can make their websites without learning every programming or web design skills. For developers, WordPress gives great flexibility to make bigger the software with custom code utilizing plugins & themes.

WordPress is Not fine Suited For Big (High Traffic) Sites

This is very usually used by developers of other communities who fail to admit that WordPress powers a few of the most well-liked websites on the web. WordPress.com itself is the 9th most admired website on the world. WordPress powers high traffic websites like TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, Wired, & our extremely own List25. We expect that this article assists clear up a few of these ordinary misconceptions about WordPress. If you know of someone who believes in these misconceptions, then please send them this article. Tell them to leave a comment or reach out to us, so we can assist instruct them about WordPress. What other ordinary misconceptions about WordPress have you come across? Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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