Add Multimedia To WordPress Posts

Adding pictures, videos & music to your posts is a simple & easy job with WordPress. Let’s open the post you have produced in our tutorial on ‘how to create a WordPress post’. Click on the text where you desire to add the content & click on the Add Media button in the top left piece of the editor.


The WordPress Insert Media pop-up will come into view. Click on the Select files button in the center of the screen.


Once choose the local file, WordPress will upload it & refresh the page depending on the file format. For the reason of this tutorial we will add a picture to the post. For images there are 2 things you should take care of. First, explain the image itself – enter its Alt tag, title for the link & optionally a slogan. The caption will show under the real picture on your front end.


Once you do that, you require specifying the attachment settings of the photo:

  • Alignment – How to bring into line the photo in your content. It depends on your genuine theme how alignments will work on your website.
  • Link To – choose where to link the photo to – the full size image file, the media page automatically formed for every latest attachment, custom URL or just not to link it.
  • Size – When you upload a photo, WordPress makes manifold copies of it in different and various sizes. Select whether you desire a thumbnail, medium sized image or the complete image added to your post.


After you enter the detail for you photo & select how to visualize it in your post, click the Insert into post button. You will observe the photo added to your editor window.


You can now update your post & go to the front end of your website. You will watch the newly added photo added to your post.


Follow the similar instructions; you can add music & video to your posts.

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