How To Build A WordPress Database Backup Manually

Most bloggers are not tech know-how when they first begin out. If you utilized our WordPress guide & choose the suggested WordPress plug-in then you already have a plug-in that is called WordPress Database Backup which does this work for you automatically.

However it is always fine to know how you can make a Database Backup manually if you ever required. Thus we will demonstrate you how you can make a WordPress Database Backup through MySQL & through cPanel manually without relying on the plug-in.


Create a Database Backup via MySQL

How To Build a WordPress Database Backup Manually

Follow these steps:

  1. Login to phpMyAdmin & choose your WordPress Database.
  2. Once you have chosen the Database, click the tab called “Export”.
  3. Select a way of compression method (preferred gzip), & click the Execute button.
  4. You will watch a message in your browser that will ask you to Download this file, click yes & you will have a backup to your Database now.

It is attractive easy & simple. Now the 2nd way is via cPanel. Note you must have a cPanel Web Host in order to do it with this way.


Cpanel Backup Way


First of all you need to login to your cPanel & then click “Backups”. Scroll down to where it says Download a MySQL Database Backup. Click on the database that you desire to backup & download the backup.

These ways above are just something that you should be acquainted with how to do. However the plug-in WordPress Database Backup makes this task much simple and easier. We sturdily suggest you have this installed, so you can have usual backups.


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