How To Change The Font Size In WordPress

Recently a user asked to us how to change the font size in WordPress post & page content. There are some probable ways to doing so. In this article, we will reveal you how to change the font size in WordPress.

Way 1: Using the Paragraph Headings

Mostly people desire a larger font size to grab concentration of their readers particularly for the heading basics. When writing the post content, you can use different and various heading sizes. In the visual editor mode, you can see all the obtainable stuffs under the tab called “Paragraph” as shown in the screenshot below:


These sizes are managed by your theme’s style sheet file (style.css) to ensure that the font size is logical with everything. In most cases, one of the heading sizes should obtain the job done. As well, there are noted SEO advantages for utilizing heading tags to emphasize main keywords i.e headings.

Way 2: TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

This way uses a WordPress plug-in known as TinyMCE advanced. Once you install & activate this plug-in, it will add many other aspects to your Visual Editor. One of those aspects is font-size.


As you can observe in the screenshot above, that you can choose any font size you like from the drop down. This provides you more liberty over things because now you can really have font-size even smaller than the usual body font i.e 8pt or 10pt. The largest downside of this way is if you ever modify themes, you have to account for all the font size alters you made in individual posts.

Note: If you desire to vary the font size of all paragraphs (i.e the entire post content), then DO NOT utilize the TinyMCE advanced. Rather, you would require changing the styling in your style.CSS file.

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