How To Crop, Rotate, Scale, & Flip Images In WordPress

Did you know you can do fundamental editing in the back-end of WordPress know? What is meant by basic?

Then just cut, rotate, scale sizes, & turn around the vertical or horizontal direction. Utilizing WordPress for micro-blogging or writing a rapid post on the fly, this is often limited to find software’s. An example would be when you have your own computer & have to rely on community computers to post a message.

Why utilize a third-party image editor just to resize or crop the picture when WordPress can do the job for you. In this article, we will show you how to utilize WordPress as a basic picture editor that lets you crop, rotate, scale and rotate images.

The initial thing you have to do is load the picture. You can add while you are typing a message or go to the media “Add New Tab.


Then once your photo is uploaded, you just require clicking on the little button that says Edit Image.

How to Crop, Rotate, Scale, & Flip Images in WordPress



Just choose the part you desire to crop. Or click on the rotate / flipping icon. You can click to scale. You can even crop based on ratio. Pretty handy little feature right?

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