How To Efficiently Attract & Manage Guest Bloggers In WordPress

Guest blogging has become an influential method to increase exposure. There are plenty of articles on the web that chats about how to write a huge guest post. But, we had a firm time searching an article that covered publisher’s side of things.

What are the advantages of accepting guest posts for a publisher?

How to attract guest bloggers? Which posts should I agree to & which should I refuse? How to successfully manage guest bloggers? What kind of WordPress setup do I require? Are there WordPress plugins that can assist?

What are things to keep away from? If you have ever had these queries, then you are at the accurate place. In this article, we will reveal you how to efficiently attract & handle guest bloggers in WordPress.

Advantages of Accepting Guest Posts for Publishers

Everybody knows that Guest blogging has plenty of advantages for the guest author or the corporation they symbolize. However what is in it for you as a publisher?

1)      New Perspective – each author brings their particular perspective with their writing. Your spectators will like a little vary of pace.

2)      New viewers – Often the guest author will share the published post with their spectators.

3)      New link – By permitting the other human being to guest post on your website, you automatically make a connection with them. This boosts your chances of assisting every other in the future.

4)      New Post – You get one additional post on your website that you did not have to write. You can utilize that time to do something else.

Now that you observe the advantages of accepting guest posts on your website and we are approximately sure you are going to begin. So how do you attract guest bloggers in WordPress?


Attracting Guest Bloggers in WordPress

There are different and various methods you can attract guest bloggers in WordPress. The simplest and easiest way of doing this is making a “Write for Us” page on your website. Often blogs tend to build this page extremely visible. A few place the link in their major navigation:







The point is that you have to build it able to be seen that you are accepting guest posts on your website.

The option of how famous you desire to make it is up to you. Another method of getting guest posts is by guest posting on other websites. Often bloggers tend to give in return guest posts.

This can work out immense especially if you are in the similar niche. Last however surely not least, you can join a group of people of guest bloggers. MyBlogGuest by far is one of the top places for that.

Once you begin getting guest post submissions, how do you decide what’s good & what’s not? You have to set rules.

Rules of Accepting Guest Posts & What to Keep Away From?

Ever since Google has began cracking down on paid text links, SEO companies & spammers are relying on guest posts to select up the slack.

For this differ reason, no issue how well-liked your blog is, you will see at least some guest posts request. When your blog is comparatively new, & you get a guest post request, you obtain really eager. In that enthusiasm, you tend to build the error of approving sub-par or even low quality posts. Here are a few rules that we follow:

Ask what keyword/backlinks do you want? – Because of WPBeginner’s rank & power, many SEO companies & spammers come up to us. Often these corporations are extremely difficult about back links.

They will never state which corporation they are writing for. You can’t inform by their email because they are utilizing a few generic gmail or yahoo email address. We don’t desire to link to a few spammy website (i.e porn, ink jet printers, car insurance corporation etc).

We as well don’t wish for to link to precise keyword. Now if you don’t request this question previous hand, they will write the article for you & add the backlink. At this point if you refuse their post, it kind of looks bad. It is best not to waste instance, so obtain this out of the way.

Ask for Topic Ideas & Summary Before the Final Post – Often these SEO corporations & spammers tend to have pre-written articles. So they will say we desire to write for your blog, however they don’t recommend ideas.

If you say just send the guest post, and then you will be apologetic that decision. Because opportunities are you will obtain a pre-written post that has been published on many websites. It’s always most excellent to ask them for theme ideas along with a short summary. This reveals you how qualified they are.

Never Accept Generic or List Post Ideas – We acquire anyplace from 5 – 10 guest post submissions on a every day basis. Majority of them are general posts or list post ideas. Examples comprise “How to Setup your WordPress blog”.

Seriously, don’t you imagine that we have already covered that topic already? Or it would be like “15 Best SEO plugins”. Do we actually require 15 plugins? We obtain tons of recommendation like that, & we automatically erase those.

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