How To Fix Error Too Lots Of Redirects Matter In WordPress

Running a self hosted website has many advantages, however sometimes a few errors can simply annoy solvable beginners. White screen of death, interior server error & several other general errors WordPress can be incredibly worrying for new users. Recently a consumer drew concentration to the error “too lots of redirects” in WordPress. It is an ordinary trouble that WordPress users can come crossways. In this article, we will show you how to troubleshoot the error as well many redirects in WordPress. On Firefox, this error will be showed like this, “The page is not redirecting correctly. Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting ask for this address in a way that will never full.”

redirecting firefox

Why I am Getting Error Too Several Redirects in WordPress Website?


This error normally happens due to a misconfiguration redirection matter. As you know that WordPress has SEO friendly URL arrangement which utilizes the redirect purpose. Lots of other well-liked WordPress plug-in as well use the redirect functionality. For instance, WordPress SEO plug-in permits you to eliminate category base from category URLs by redirecting customers to a URL without category base. WordPress SSL & cache plug-in as well use redirects.

Due to a misconfiguration in any of these redirection tackles, your website may end up redirecting users to a LINK that is in fact redirecting them back to the referring URL. In that case the customer’s browser is trapped between 2 pages & therefore you see the error.

redirect looperror1

How to resolve Too lots of Redirects Error in WordPress?

The most ordinary misconfiguration that we have come across frequently is when a client has wrong URL in WordPress Address URL or website Address URL settings.

wp address settings

For example, let’s suppose that your website’s link is & you go to Settings » General & set it to Most web hosts permit you to select whether you want to add a WWW prefix to your domain name or have it without WWW. In case you had chosen to put in WWW to your LINK, then adding in your WordPress settings will reason the mistake. Or if you opted to utilize your domain without WWW prefix, then adding it with WWW prefix in WordPress settings will reason this error. When a consumer will approach to, they will be redirected by your server’s configuration to where they will be redirected back to by WordPress because that is what you have set up in the settings.

If your website was working very well & you did not build any changes to those settings. Then you require getting in touch with your web host, because it is most almost certainly a configuration matter at their end. But, if you do not have a dependable WordPress hosting giver & they refute having any matters and/or say no to assist you, then you should think switching web hosts or fix it yourself. To fix this, you require changing your WordPress Address & Site Address. Go to Settings » General, change your WordPress & URL Address. If you have your Link address with WWW prefix, then alter it to non-WWW URL, & if you have it with non-WWW URL then add the WWW prefix.

Important: Ensure that you don’t leave a trailing slash at the end of your URL like

Change Website LINK Without Access to Admin Area

In case you do not have right to use to WordPress Admin region, you can still keep posted these settings by defining them in WP-config.php file. Just connect to your website utilizing an FTP customer. Once you are linked to your website, you will discover WP-config.php file in your website’s root directory. You require downloading & editing this file utilizing a text editor like Notepad. Just add these2 lines to the file and don’t forget to restore with your own domain.



Save the file & upload it back to your web server. Now try to right to use your WordPress website. If you still can’t access your website, then try to put in your domain with WWW prefix.

Fixing Other Redirect Matters

If the above step doesn’t resolve your trouble, then it is almost certainly a difficulty with your website plugin. As mentioned previous some wordpress plug-in’s redirection methods utilized to make a mixture of things. We will try to assist you solve.First of all you require to understand is that the plug-in is causing the difficulty. Did you make active a new plug-in recently just previous to this error occurred? Have you updated plugins just previous to this error happened? If the reply to any of the above questions is yes, then the trouble is reduced to that plug-in. You can just disable the plug-in by removing the plug-in folder from WP-content/plugins /. If you don’t know which add-on is causing the trouble, then you would have to do a few trial & error. The best and rapid method is by stopping all plugins. After disabling all plug-in on your website, you require to use FTP to download the ht access file. As a backup. You can discover this file in the root directory of your website. Once you have downloaded the file, remove it from your server. Now try to access your website.

This procedure will permit your server to renew a new .ht access file, & since there are no plug-in activated, it will most likely fix the matter. If the mistake is gone now, then you know for sure that it was a plugin causing this mistake. The next step is to discover out which plug-in was the culprit. To do this, you require downloading & installing new copies of all your plugins. Make active plugins one at a time & after activating every plug-in try to browse numerous pages on your website using a various browser as a non-logged in consumer. Confidently you will locate the plugin that caused the matter.  These are all the probable solutions that might fix this “error too lots of redirects matter” in WordPress. Did any of the above solutions fix the trouble for you? If so, then plzzz let us be acquainted with in the comments. Have you encountered the error too lots of redirects matter in the past? How did you fix it? If you know a fix that is not listed in the article above, then please add in the comments below. We will ensure to keep the article up to date with any new suggestion from our users.



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