How To Fix Featured Images Appearing Two Times In WordPress Posts

For usual WordPress users, making a post in WordPress is a quite simple and easy process. But for those just preliminary out, there are still things that they might discover puzzling.

While the featured images functionality is a whole life saver, it needs some fundamental understanding of WordPress to appropriately utilize it. Our one reader recently reached out to us with a trouble that their featured picture was showing two times.

It is a quite ordinary image difficulty that can simply be solved. In this article, we will reveal you how to fix featured pictures appearing two times in WordPress posts.


Why Featured Image is appearing Two Times in my WordPress Posts?

The most ordinary post thumbnail image or cause gave to appear two times in positions of WordPress is that sometimes beginners set a wonderful image & obtain into the place content.

This actually makes sense for most beginners because when they put a featured image, which is probable to come into view in your editor visual inputs. When not on the visual editor entries, think they may have lost something & end up putting the similar image again in the post.

This instance can be seen in the visual editor tickets & feel happy. However when I publish the post, they understand that the image is appearing two times in his post.


How To Fix It?


Just get rid of the picture from the post editor & make sure you utilize the featured image box to set your featured image.


Featured images or post thumbnails are a characteristic WordPress theme. This means that the support for this feature is managed by your WordPress theme so you do not observe how it seems in the post editor.

When an image given by a pole is set, the database communicates with his topic that is not terrific image that can be showed automatically. This permits developers to utilize reliable theme styles for post thumbnails & featured photos through your website.

While this may resolve the trouble presented copy image for most users, you can as well come across some other amazing topics. For example, if you change the theme, then your featured images may look stretched, skewed, and disproportionate. To solve this trouble, you must regenerate WordPress.

If sizes in the above solution does not assist solve the difficulty of the featured images that appear two times, then there is a trouble with the code behind your subject. In this case, the best solution is to get in touch with your developer help topic.



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