How To Get Rid Of Visual Editor Mode In WordPress

WordPress has a vigorous aspect known as the Visual Editor that builds your post writing region look just like a Microsoft Word. It creates writing post simple, however in lots of cases it ends up ruining the formatting.

When switching to HTML mode & switching back, many formatting is lost & then it reasons mistakes on your website. In this article, we will reveal you how you can remove the WordPress visual editor.

How to get rid of Visual Editor Mode in WordPress

Your objective is that when you login & begin a new post, you are automatically in the HTML mode rather than visual mode. First thing you require to do is login to your WordPress admin panel.

Then you would require going to Users > Your Profile, there you will observe something that looks like the picture below:


Make sure this choice & you will no longer have to contract with formatting mistakes caused by WordPress again. Now a few people might be scared that they would have to enter things in HTML, however no. There is still a bar there to assist you edit posts, however it just won’t be as rich featured as the other one. This is for those visitors who have some information of HTML.







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