How To Permit Users To Upload Photos In WordPress Comments

Pictures & comments are both great tools to increase user engagement on your website. This is one of the causes why Facebook permit users to upload photos with their comments. What if we informed you that you can add the similar functionality in WordPress comments? It is just depending on your website’s niche & target spectators, this could absolutely increase user engagement on your website. In this article, we will display you how to permit users to upload pictures in WordPress comments.

First of all you require to do is installed & activate Comment Images plug-in. Upon activation, the plug-in will test your WordPress hosting atmosphere for support to upload photos from your comment form. If your hosting atmosphere doesn’t support the function utilized by the plug-in, then it will reveal you a notification & the plug-in will not work on your website.

But if you don’t see any mistakes, then you are fine to go. There are no plug-in settings for you to arrange. You can just go to a post & see the image upload button below the comment form in act.


You will be capable to see the photos uploaded by the visitors in the WordPress admin region by visiting the Comments screen.


All photos uploaded by users are stored in your WordPress Media Library. If you would like to remove a picture uploaded by a consumer, then you require going to Media » Library, locates the image, & then remove it.

It will be fine to add a few comment posting guidelines on your website to let your guests know what type of pictures they can upload. Check out WPBeginner’s comment rule page for an instance. You can then add a URL to your comment policy text in your WordPress comment form.

To additional increase media capabilities in your comments, you can allow oEmbed support for comments in WordPress. This will permit your visitors to not just upload a picture; however they can as well add YouTube videos, tweets, flickr photos & much more.

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