How To Put In A PayPal Donate Button In WordPress

Lots of new bloggers utilize “PayPal Donations” as one of the methods to pay protection costs of controlling your blog. Yesterday, on twitter, one of our new followers was having a trouble to add a PayPal donate button to your WordPress Sidebar.

So, we have decided to cover this subject thoroughly, so that other visitors of the WordPress society can advantage too. This article will reveal you a step by step on how to add a PayPal Donate Button in WordPress posts, sidebar or somewhere else, with or without a plug-in directory.

First of all you require to do is having a PayPal account. If you do not, then make one. Next, you require to login to your PayPal account. You can do so by going to (

Note: You would require upgrading to either Premier or Business account in order to get payments through PayPal buttons. Once you are logged in, click on the Merchant Services button in the main horizontal navigation area. Then click on the Donate link under the make Buttons heading.



Now let’s create a Donate Button.


Once you have completed filling, click Create button. Next, you are prompted to two sets of codes: Website or email. We consider that email choice is the least intrusive, so we suggest you utilize this alternative. By going with this choice, it will even work on feeding websites. By clicking the Email tab, you will see a link. Copy this link:


How to Add PayPal Donate Button in WordPress Page or Post

Click on make a New Post or Page. You can as well add this in an existing post. You would require going to the HTML Editor instead of the visual editor. So please create the switch. Now let’s add a picture for the PayPal button. Below are the codes for a few of the official ones:

New Picture


New Picture1

If you don’t like any of these photos, then feel free to make your own & add it in the post. Now, you require making the picture a button. This is when you would require the link that you got from PayPal in the Email Tab. choose the image, & make it link to your Donate Link. An instance code would look like this:

New Picture2

That is it now you should be capable to see a PayPal button in your post or page that really works.

How to Add PayPal Donate Button in a WordPress Sidebar

Let’s walk through how you can put in the PayPal Donate button on your WordPress theme Sidebar. You require ensuring that your item is prepared for widgets. You can discover this by going to Appearance »Widgets. There you will see many widgets registered right places. Drag the text widget to the right sidebar, & then add the code like this in there:

New Picture10


PayPal Donate WordPress Plug-in

Now, if you like to utilize the plugins way, there are some plugins that lets you do precisely what we accomplished in this article.

PayPal Donations – Easy & simple setup & insertion of PayPal donate buttons with a shortcode or through a sidebar Widget. Donation reason can be set for each button.

Donate Plus – Donation form recognition wall. Donation total tracker. PayPal integration.

Multi-Currency PayPal Donations – Get PayPal donations through WordPress in manifold currencies with the lowest probable fees. (Note: this plug-in is fine only if you have numerous PayPal accounts in many countries. Good for larger organizations).

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