How To Put Sticky Posts For Categories In WordPress

Sticky posts permit you to add or put featured posts in WordPress and show them in a different way on your website’s homepage. Recently our one user asked to us how they can add or put sticky posts in category pages. By addition sticky posts on category pages you can show featured posts from that special category. In this article, you will obtain to learn how to add sticky posts for categories in WordPress.


First of all you need to do is installed & activate Category Sticky Post. There is no special settings page for the plug-in. just make a new post or edit an existing one & you will be capable to see a new ‘Category Sticky’ meta box in the post edit region.


Next, just select the category where you desire this post to be showed as a sticky post & save your changes.

If you would like to set one more sticky post in that category, then you will have to uncheck category from the previous sticky post. It is not necessary for a post to be filed in the similar category. For instance a post filed in Announcements category, can be completed sticky in the News category.

Every category can simply have one sticky post at a provided time. As well every post can only be sticky for one category.

By default the plug-in adds a black edge on top & bottom of the category sticky post to differentiate it from other posts. You can put out of action it by examination the Hide Sticky Post Border check box. When this box is not checked the plug-in adds a category-sticky set to the category sticky post. You can take priority over this in your kid theme’s style sheet.


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