How To Simply Create A Job Board In WordPress (NO HTML Necessary)

Recently our one user asked to us for a method to make a job board website in WordPress without any PHP or HTML. As the saying goes, there is a plug-in for that. In this article, we will display you how to simply create a job board in WordPress using WP Job Manager. You don’t require knowing several HTML or CSS that is how simple this is.

Installing & Setting Up WP Job Manager


First of all you require to do is to install & activate the WP Job Manager plug-in. WP Job Manager is made to work with any WordPress theme & will fit right in the interior your theme. After making activate the plug-in, you require to set up pages for various part of your job board. This is not as solid as it sounds. All you require to do is create a new page & only paste the suitable short code in those pages. Let’s get began. The first page we are going to generate will be for jobs. Make a new page & in the page title enter Jobs. In the content region, just paste this short code:


This short code will show job listings on your website & this is how your page will look once you had additional a couple of job listings.


Next you require to make another page & provide it the title My Jobs. In the content part, simply paste this short code:


This page will show jobs posted by a consumer on your website. The consumer can see the jobs on the front-end of your site by signing in to their account.


The final page you require to make is the Submit Jobs page. Enter it shortcode in the editor:


This page will reveal a job listing submission form. If a consumer is not logged in, then they will be asked to sign in or sign up for a new account. Once logged in, they will be capable to submit a new job listing utilizing the form on this page.


Adding New Job Listings


Logged-in visitors can submit jobs openly from Submit Jobs page, however as an administrator, you can directly add jobs from the WordPress admin quarter. Go to the Job Listings » Add New area & give a title, description, & the job sort for the job listing you are adding. By default the plug-in comes with 5 job kind’s freelance, internship, full time permanent, & temporary. But, you can add your own job sorts & even erase the existing ones.


After entering title, description & selecting a job category, you require scrolling down to Job Listing Data part. There you can give more detail about the job such as place, application email or URL, company detail & logo, job listing expiration date, etc.


After satisfying the job listing data, you can preview the job by clicking on the preview button; add more information if you require, or just click on Publish button to post the listing.

To handle existing job listings, you require going to Job Listings » All Job Listings. There you will be capable to observe all the job listing posted on your job panel. You can click on the pencil image to edit a job listing, see the filled jobs, & erase existing job listings.


Fine Tuning Job Board Settings


To arrange advance choices for your job board, you require going to Job Listings » Settings. On the Job Listings tab you can select how lots of job listings to display on every page, the default is 10. You can verify the box next to hide expired listings, if you desire to conceal expired job listings from the board. Lastly, you can allow categories for job listings. If you allow job categories, then you will become aware of that a new menu thing will appear under the major Job listings menu in your admin sidebar. As a manager you will have to fill in the job sections, so the visitors posting the jobs can choose a suitable category.


On the Job Submissions tab you can configure the options for how job submissions will be handled on your job board. You can allow or disable account formation. By default job submission needs an account; however you can uncheck that if you desire anybody to be capable to submit jobs without creating account. However beware that this could make your job board goal of spam submissions.

You can allow or disable admin support for latest jobs by checking the box next to new submissions need admin approval choice. On the similar page, you can also set number of days until a job listing ends, the default value is thirty days however you can set it to 0 if you do not desire job listings to end automatically.


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