How To Simply Embed Videos In WordPress Blog Posts

Videos add new life to your blog. There many of things that can be simply described video 2 minutes in front of a word after 1500. Previous versions of WordPress (before 2.9), was asked to utilize embedded from the video website code or use a plug-in to embed videos correctly. The introduction in WordPress 2.9, the oEmbed feature has made ​​it very simple to embed videos in your WordPress blog. In this article, we will share how to simply integrate 3rd video in WordPress blog posts.

How to Embed Videos in WordPress Blog Posts


All you require to do is paste the video URL into the content region. All you require to ensure is that the URL is in its own line & not clickable (hyperlinked). For example

New Picture

What are the White-Listed Givers?


1)      YouTube

2)      Vimeo

3)      DailyMotion


5)      Flickr (both videos and images)

6)      Viddler

7)      Hulu

8)      Qik

9)      Revision3

10)   Scribd

11)   Photobucket

12)   PollDaddy

13)   Google Video

14) (only VideoPress-type videos for the time being)

15)   SmugMug (WordPress 3.0+)

16) (WordPress 3.0+)

If you upload your videos or other media on one of these websites, then WordPress will routinely embed. Or else, you would have to post the embed code manually.


Why can’t I upload the videos to my WordPress?

Well you can, however we do not suggest you to do so. Smaller blogs are on shared-hosting accounts & videos take lots of server resource.

If your video recieved tons of traffic, your website is more likely to crash. 2nd, you are missing out the traffic from YouTube consumers. We suggest that you pick a third party website such as Youtube, Vimeo etc to upload your videos.

Read our full article on why you should never upload videos to WordPress.

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