How To Use WordPress Categories

WordPress categories are a very convenient and suitable way to arrange your messages. You can have parent & child categories that hierarchical arrangement of your message is probable. In addition, a post can be in more than one category. This provides huge flexibility to show precisely the messages you desire, precisely the way they desire in the widgets, menus, or directly into your WordPress theme.

How to create WordPress categories

To create new categories in WordPress, you require accessing the Posts -> Catgories page first.



On the left side of the page you will watch a tab that permits you to make categories. Fill in the category name, it is slug (will be utilized in the category URLs) & the Add New Category button. For the reason of this tutorial we will make a new category named Family posts.


That’s it; your first category is prepared. Now, let’s build a sub-category of the Family posts 1 named Nephews. Fill in a name & slug the method you did with the first category however this time choose Family posts as parent for the new category. Then, press ‘Add New Category’ once more to save thaw new sub-category.

How to assign posts to categories


Once you have the category arrangement produced, you can add posts to categories. There are 3 methods you can do this. The first one is to open a particular post (or write a new one) & places a checkbox in the category you desire to assign it to.



The 2nd method is to bulk add posts to a category. To do this goes to Posts -> All Posts. Next, choose the posts you desire to add to a category, click on the Bulk Actions tab, and choose Edit and to finish press the Apply button.


Once you do that, you will few choices you can alter for those posts. One of them is the Categories part. Choose the category you desire to add those posts to & click on the Update button.



Now, the posts you have marked before belong to the category you have selected.



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