How To Utilize FTP To Upload Files To WordPress For Beginners

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a speedy & simple method to transfer files from one computer to one more over the internet. In easy term, it is how you send one file from your computer to your web hosting server.

In this article, we will reveal you how to utilize FTP to upload a plug-in to WordPress. We will as well show you how to modify the permissions of every individual file.

In the video tutorial, we will be utilizing software called WS_FTP Pro for Windows. The steps & instructions will carry over to attractive much all FTP software’s with a graphical user-interface.

Why knowing how to FTP is significant?

There are times when you install & activate a plug-in utilizing the WordPress dashboard just to discover that this plug-in is incompatible with an existing plug-in.

The incompatibility sometimes causes a white screen of death throughout the website which locks you out from doing anything.


If you know how to utilize FTP, then instead of freaking out, you will just login-in and erase the plugin utilizing the FTP link. Often when you are trying to paste the codes in the tutorial theme functions.php file, you may accidentally block yourself.

This can occur if you paste the code in the wrong place, or was not semantically right code. Knowing how to utilize FTP you can get out of problem in minutes.

There will be times that you obtain a permission mistake upon activation of a plug-in. The fault will say, plug-in cannot make XYZ folder because of the file permissions.

That is when significant how to change CHMOD permissions assist. Last but absolutely not the least, knowing how to utilize FTP is the next step up from a beginner. It will save you many time and stress.

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