Why My WordPress Website Got De-Indexed From Google? What Can I Do To Fix It?

SEO (search engine optimization) is a large thing when it comes to blogging. With Google coming out with all these Panda & Penguin updates, new bloggers often obtain puzzled and confused. Recently our one user got their entire website de-indexed from Google. In this article, we will show why my WordPress website got de-indexed from Google & what can I do to fix it.

There are some causes why this could have accrued. Let’s get a look at the simplest cause:

You by chance checked the “Ask search engines not to index my website” button under your privacy settings.


Whopps that is a big error. Alter the setting, and provide Google sometime to re-index your website.

The second matter could be that your website is hacked. Are you seeing something like this on your website?


Log out of your website, & then check again. If you are considering something like this, then it means that Google imagines your website includes some kind of malware. This is why they determined to de-index you. The steps to clean up the website would differ from every individual hack. This is why we suggest that everybody utilize Sucuri. Here is an article on 5 reasons why we use Sucuri to improve our WordPress security.

If only sure pages of your websites are de-index, then we suggest verifying the canonical URLs on those pages. Open that page, & view source in your browser. Search for the word “canonical”. If the canonical URL is altered, then you have as well fell victim to a devious hack. We have seen this on a few sites.

Finally, another cause could be that you pissed off Google by violating one of their lots of rules. This could vary from website to website.

Google usually don’t de-index your website if you are caught purchasing paid links or something. Usually you just obtain a penalty for your domain, so it is not ranked high enough. However if you are de-indexed, then we recommend that you get in touch with Google by utilizing the reconsideration form.

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