Why You Can’t Discover .htaccess File On Your WordPress Website

We recently advised a user to be deleted. Htaccess of your WordPress site to solve an ordinary mistake. You could not locate your htaccess file. And he thought it was something incorrect with your website.

For beginners, this sort of thing can be extremely confusing. In this article we will reveal you why you cannot find. Htaccess file in your WordPress website, & how to make one when needed.

What is .htaccess file?

. htaccess is a configuration file server that informs the server how to control certain things on your website. Like how to redirect visitors, password sheltered administration region, or look after some directories, etc.

The point previous to the file name shows a hidden file. When you access your web server via FTP, you will not be able to see. Htaccess unless your FTP client is forced to show hidden files.


From time to time, even when you have forced your FTP client to show hidden files, it still shows. Htaccess.

Why You Can’t discover .htaccess File?

The most ordinary cause for this is that your WordPress website has not had a htaccess file Yet. WordPress makes. Htaccess for the first time to set attractive permalinks in Settings »Permalinks screen. All you require to do is click the Save alters button on the screen to make a WordPress permalinks & htaccess file. In the root directory of your website.


On rare events, WordPress cannot be able to make an htaccess file. For your website, due to troubles with file permissions. In this instance, WordPress will show a notice at the base of the screen Settings »Permalinks, informs you that the htaccess file. Cannot write. If you have permalinks setup to utilize any other configuration defaults, then they will reveal you the code you require to paste in the htaccess file.










You will have to copy & paste this code into a text editor such as Notepad. After that you require to save it as. Htaccess file on the desktop. Now attach to your website utilizing an FTP client & upload. Htaccess file from your desktop.

If you get a mistake uploading the file, then you require modifying the file permission for the root directory. Presume all WordPress files reside in / syedbalkhi home / public_html / directory /.

This creates the root public_html folder. You have to go to its parent directory & right click on the public_html folder. Choose the permissions of files, which will open dialog box file permissions. You must enter 755 in the dialog box file permissions & then attempt to upload your htaccess file. The public_html folder.


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