How I achieved my CCDE Certification?

Hi, everybody!

My name is Jack and I am from Chicago, USA. I could not get much time to write earlier because I have been studying very hard for my CCDE Lab exam.

The basic intention behind this post is to summarize my personal experience “How I achieved the CCDE certification” after going through the second step of CCDE certification i.e. CCDE practical exam. I hope all the information given under this post will definitely be helpful for all those who aim to achieve this worthwhile networking credential. I am not going to share any information that will go against NDA policy, like specific scenarios or question answers etc.

First of all, I would like to discuss a little bit about my background; it’s very important and matters a lot. Because our experience and knowledge determine fairly how much time we can give and required to prepare any of the certification exams. I have a strong computer science background and have been working with computers since 2002. I was very much interested and passionate about networking from the beginning. Therefore, I chose this field for my career. Now, I am a professional Network Engineer and have been doing networking professionally since 2006. I obtained various Networking certifications from Cisco.

This time I decided to take Cisco CCDE certification. And this certification is achieved by passing two exams. 1) CCDE written exam 352-001, 2) CCDE lab exam. To begin, I just wanted to know what topics are covered in CCDE certification exam. So, I began my research for getting complete information regarding this certification exam on the web. You can find out everything, what I have discovered on the Internet was CCDE lab workbook from

Very fortunately, I passed my CCDE written 352-001 exam at my first attempt. This made me more passionate about my next CCDE lab exam. I passed the CCDE qualification exam in the Chicago and immediately scheduled the practical on that day and was able to get a seat in Chicago. Since then, I started studying hard for getting a success in CCDE lab exam. I spent three months studying and working on design, implementation, managing, trouble shooting, and operation of large enterprise WLAN networks. I lived in the world of networks. This experience was very useful for my lab exam because the core topics of CCDE lab exam were covered easily and comprehensively in ccde lab workbook. I also got through the entire Cisco official study material and practices.

Here I must share a very important thing i.e. besides getting all this practical experience I purchased CCDE lab workbook from and prepared it well. I did a lot of practice and this CCDE practical lab dumps has really helped me to pass this lab exam. In total, I spent approximately two months to study hard for the CCDE qualification exam and next three months for the CCDE lab exam. On average, I spent two to three hours daily during those five months, a quite hard time with the full-time job schedule.

Just a 1 week before my CCDE lab exam, I had to go out of the city due to some official work. This made me so much worried about my CCDE lab exam preparation and revision. I arrived back in Chicago 2 days earlier, didn’t take sleep more than 3-4 hrs, and ignored all emails and messages related to the job, fully concentrated on my preparation and revision. I had also prepared well again with ccde lab dumps that I got from lab4ccie. They have given me 2 scenarios in their ccde practical lab questions workbook. It worked for me, and I also passed CCDE lab exam. Congratulations to all those who passed too.

I wrote this article thinking that, it may be useful for other CCDE certification candidates. It’s all about what I did to pass the Lab exam.