How To Create An Picture Gallery In WordPress

So you have bought a shiny new digital camera & desire to share your latest vacation photos on your WordPress blog? Great idea, however how to add your images in a view of the gallery in a grid professional looking?

Most people start looking for WordPress plugins that will assist you make a WordPress gallery, however you do not really require a plug-in for this. WordPress has a built-in gallery that many users do not know feature. In this article, we’ll show you how to create an image gallery in WordPress.

The purpose is to add your images in a gallery that looks nice & clean. It will as well show how to open images in a carousel view or light box to create an immersive full-screen experience.

Making An Image Gallery In WordPress

First of all you require to do is to make a new post. On the other hand if you desire to add the gallery to an existing post, then click to edit that post. One time you are on the post edit screen, you require clicking on the Add Media button.


This will open the WordPress media up loader. Now you require clicking on make Gallery that link you see on the left side of the screen.

To add images to the gallery, you can upload the images either from your computer or choose Existing images from your media library (Images that you have with previously uploaded to your site).

All you have to do is choose the images you desire by clicking on them. This will add a checked mark that you see on every picture in the screenshot below.


Once you have chosen all the pictures you desire to add to your gallery, click the “Create New Gallery” button on the boot media. AC means then show the images chosen in the Edit view Gallery. You can add comments to your images, alter the setting of the gallery, & rearrange the order of the images with drag & drop in the order you desire them to appear in. When you have ended editing the gallery, click on the button insert Gallery.

Edit Gallery


Clicking the button will close the Gallery Place boot media & insert the code for the gallery inside your WordPress post. If you are utilizing Visual Editor then you will see a box in the back editing code shows Gallery.


If you are utilizing simple text editor mode to write your post, then you will observe your gallery shortcode. Something likes this:

Make sure your gallery by clicking on the post preview button. If you are unhappy with the look then you can always click on Add Media button to edit gallery settings. You can reorganize order, boost or reduce image columns, add or get rid of an image or description. Once you are glad with the way it looks, you can publish your post & your gallery will be able to be seen for everybody.

Note: Yes, this method can be utilzied for pages too. If you wish for to add an image gallery to WordPress pages, then follow the similar exact way.

Now that we have formed an image gallery in WordPress, let’s take a look at how to make it look prettier & easier to browse through.

Show Gallery Images in Carousel

The carousel view pictures in the gallery WordPress is same to the view of the photo on Facebook. Originally this aspect was initiated as fraction of the Jetpack plug-in, which is a collection of plugins released by

But, the difficulty with the Jetpack is that it needs you to connect your website, even if there is no require for it. Some time ago, we decided to disburse Carousel Jetpack plug-in & release it as a separate plug-in for everybody who wants to use it.


To utilize the carousel for your picture galleries, first thing you require to do is installing & activate the Carousel without Jetpack plug-in. Once you activate it, this plug-in will work out of the box meaning you don’t require configuring anything. Just go to your gallery post & click on an image in the gallery to see it in action. Or check out our image gallery below:

There are numerous other plugins to make astonishingly gorgeous image galleries with WordPress. But, for most people the default gallery characteristic is ideal for their needs.

If you don’t mind playing with the codes, then check out this cool instance of how we extended the default gallery functionality to create a photo album gallery in WordPress.

If you discover yourself adding a lot of images to your blog or you are a photo blogger, then we highly suggest that you check out showcase of best photography themes for WordPress.

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